Top tips for maintaining your car

Buying a car is an investment. Sometimes it’s an investment that costs us thousands and thousands of euros. When you invest in something, you want it to last. Generally speaking, good quality cars will go the distance if you maintain them. Maintaining your car is pivotal if you want to achieve longevity. Even the most expensive and reputable cars will die long before their time if they are neglected. Car maintenance doesn’t have to be a chore, once you outline a regular schedule for it, you can cut your work and your mechanic’s bill in half!  We have some top tips on what to look out for when you’re giving your car the once over, but we’re not finished with the benefits just yet:

Why should you regularly maintain your car?

1.Less likely to have an accident.

If you are a driver in Ireland then you are legally required to have car insurance. Car insurance provides us with a degree of financial security should we ever have a collision. While investing in car insurance is pivotal in order to prepare for the unexpected, you should always protect yourself from risks on the road. Cars that aren’t regularly maintained suffer damage. Cars that are damaged or faulty are more likely to suffer a crash. If you don’t maintain your tyres for example, this could result in a tyre blowout. Tyre blowouts are extremely dangerous and they are a main player in accidents nationwide. Think of your safety and carry out car maintenance.

2.Reduce repair costs.

Mechanics always advise you to maintain your car before it’s too late. The longer you leave a problem to fester in your car the more likely you are to face a large bill. When you regularly give your car the once over, you will be more inclined to spot small problems. This means you can take your car to the garage early and get it rectified. If you neglect car maintenance then you are likely to miss a problem with your car, if this issue deteriorates, then you could be facing a big bill from your mechanic.

Protect your wallet and mind your car!

  1. Value for money.

We touched on this point in the introduction but we feel we need to say it again. If you want your car to last for years, then you need to make sure you’re keeping it maintained. Read your owner’s manual, change your oil, check your tyres and don’t neglect your car because this will see you fork out more money needlessly.

How can you maintain your car?

Now that you know why it’s important to maintain your car, we can turn our attention to how you can maintain your car. This week we caught up with Shane from 247 repairs. We spoke to him about the need for car maintenance and as an expert mechanic himself, he was able to give us some pointers.

1.Service your car.

The first piece of advice out of Shane’s mouth was a tip to service your car. We are blue in the face from advising this point, but it is so important. It can be easy to continue to drive your car around and forget about the mileage that it is clocking up. Cars need to be serviced once a year, or maybe even twice if you are doing some serious driving.

When you service your car, you get ahead of any problems that might appear down the line due to neglect. This not only helps protect your safety but it helps to protect a hole in your wallet. Take the time to service your car.

2.Take your car for a spin.

Shane was quick to point out that in these times, many Irish cars are sitting in the driveway for longer periods than ever. With people now working from home, there’s less of a need to drive your car. This can cause battery issues and a variety of other problems too. The last thing you need is to go to your car and find that the battery is dead.

Remember to take your car for a drive regularly to keep everything in working order. Should you find yourself in a situation where your battery has gone flat however, Mechanic247 can come to you if you are in the Dublin or Meath area.

3.Check your tyres.

A pivotal step in the car maintenance process is maintaining your tyres. A kick test on your tyres is simply not enough. When the wheels are turned in and your car hasn’t been serviced there could be issues with the inside of your tyres, so it’s vital to give them a proper inspection.

Check your tyre thread depth: In order to identify if your tyres are worn or not, you should do a tyre thread depth test. You can do this by lowering a €1 coin on a string into the groves of your tyres. If you can see the rim of the coin then your tyre thread depth is likely to be below the recommended requirements.

Check your tyre pressure: Don’t neglect your tyre pressure because this could result in you having a collision on the road. Underinflated tyres are notorious for causing problems. If you think your tyres are looking a little worse for wear, then contact your mechanic and have them checked. This will enable you to have peace of mind and drive more safely.

It’s important to take care of your car however sometimes even our most avid preparations fail. In that case, it’s vital to have car insurance. Contact for a quick and easy quote.

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