6 Top Tips For Driving On Irish Roads

As sad as it is to admit, even in Summer the rain in Ireland persists. Unfortunately, with the odd Summer day comes torrential downpours, orange weather warnings and most ominously, dangerous driving conditions. When it comes to road safety on the Irish roads, it's crucial to stay on top of all of the available information, so you protect yourself and others on the road. Here are 12 top tips for navigating Irish roads in the rain from Insure my Cars.

  1. Check the weather and plan accordingly.

When you're going on a long journey, you can often become distracted with packing up your stuff and organising yourself. Sometimes, you might not even think to check the weather forecast for the day of your trip. To avoid getting caught in dangerous weather conditions, it's imperative to watch weather updates so you can plan routes, avoid hazardous roads and allocate extra time for your car journey.

It's also important to remember that when it rains, more people choose to use their cars so there's often extra cars on the road. By checking the forecast ahead of your departure, you can put any necessary contingency plans in place!

  1. Give your car a routine check.

Try to factor in routine checks for your car's equipment; you don't want to be taken by surprise in a downpour and find some vital aspect of your vehicle isn't working as it should.

Check your windscreen wipers, your headlights, your taillights and your tyres. It's particularly important to check the tyre pressure and the tyre tread to make sure everything is in order before you encounter heavy rain.

  1. Avoid secondary roads where possible.

When you get caught in a shower of rain while driving, try to detour your route to main roads exclusively. Where possible, you should avoid secondary roads as these are often far more prone to flooding.

Flooded roadways are more likely to induce skidding, so that's why it's best to use main roads when the weather deteriorates.

  1. Don't stop your car in flooded sections.

Sometimes, no matter how quickly we react to rerouting during a downpour we still encounter flooded road sections. If you have to drive through a flooded patch of road, never stop or 'stand' in the deepest pools of water, just drive through them very slowly.

Afterwards, check your brakes and dry them out immediately by very gently pressing on the brake pedal while the car is moving.

  1. Reduce your speed.

It goes without saying, but we're going to say it anyway. It's incredibly important to slow down when it's raining. You will need increased braking distances, and you will also have reduced visibility so it’s important to take that into account when your foot is on the accelerator.

Keep an eye on your speedometer and the cars ahead of you. Remember the expression 'it's better late than never'.

  1. Use your windshield wipers.

When the rain is persistent and heavy, people generally remember to switch on the wipers. However, when the rain is lighter people often forget. It's imperative to always remember to turn on your wipers at the first sign of rain.

You want to maintain an acceptable level of visibility and ensure your driving experience is as safe as possible, so it's vital to keep them on during a spout of rain.

Remeber that in Summer, the rain in Ireland doesn't go away. Take care on our roads. 

At www.insuremycars.ie we want what's best for the drivers on the Irish roads. If you are thinking about insuring your car before the winter weather comes, why not get in touch with us today?


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