How to maintain your car during Lockdown 2.0

How to maintain your car during lockdown 2.0.

With a second lockdown upon us, mand of our cars are again stationary for longer periods than ever before. Due to working from home, our vehicles might get a quick run to the shop and that’s about it. It’s important however to keep up with the maintenance of your car. Chances are, you have more time than ever to give your vehicle some TLC and you should follow through with it.

While you might be questioning the need for car maintenance when you’re not driving often, it’s actually very important. When a car sits parked for long period, batteries can lose power and tyres can deflate under cold conditions.  Moisture can also collect in the gas tank which can cause problems down the line. Not to worry though, because has a comprehensive list of tips to help you stay on top of car maintenance this lockdown.

  1. Create a checklist.

If you were managing a fleet of cars, you’d know how important it is to have a maintenance checklist. When we only have our own car to think about however it can become neglected. Get into positive habits and write out a list of tasks that you should do regularly with your car during lockdown. Consider some of the following for your list.

  • Check your tyre pressure.

We talk about this task a lot at and that’s because it’s so imperative. Ensuring your tyres are at the correct pressure can extend their lifespan on the road. You can invest in a pressure gauge online if you would like to check the pressure yourself. Alternatively, you could stop at a petrol station and do it there.

  • Clean your windshield.

A dirty windshield can cause problems while driving and it could even lead to a collision. When the weather gets worse during the winter, leaves, dirt and grime stick to the windshield and reduce visibility.  Keep a squeegee and some specific window cleaner in your car. Spray the centre of your windshield and then pull the squeegee from the centre to the sides. Remove leaves that have become lodged by your wipers manually.

  • Check your oil levels.

Engine oil is essential in keeping your engine running smoothly. Oil lubricates the moving parts in your car engine, and this prevents damage. To check your oil levels park on level ground and open your car bonnet and follow these steps:

  • Find the dipstick, pull it out and clean it with a cloth.
  • Dip the dipstick back into the oil making sure that it goes all the way in.
  • Remove the dipstick and check how far along the dipstick you can see the oil. This correlates to how much oil is in your car and whether or not you need to top it up.
  1. Wash your car regularly.

Unless your car is parked in an indoor garage during lockdown, then it’s important to maintain a regular cleaning schedule. Cars that are parked outdoors for long periods are subject to grease, grime, tree sap and bird droppings. Unfortunately, all of these external factors combine to form the perfect stripping agent for your paintwork. Getting your car resprayed can be very expensive and you can prevent having to do it by maintaining a cleaning schedule with your car.

If you’re wondering about frequency, then you must assess the area in which you live first. If you live in a city that’s subject to heavy pollution or if you live near the sea, you should be washing your car about 3 times per month. If you live in areas that don’t have heavy pollution and sea water, then you can reduce the frequency to once per month.

  1. Get you car serviced.

Lockdown is a good time to catch up on odd jobs. It can be difficult to keep up with car maintenance when you’re busy but it is important to service your car every 20,000km. Just like any household item or electronic equipment you own; your car needs to be kept in tip-top shape in order to run properly and reliably. If you’re struggling to remember when you last got your car serviced then it’s definitely time to book in for one. Some dealerships are considered an essential service so it might be worth ringing them to see if they are offering car servicing. Failing that, make it a priority to book a service post lockdown.

  1. Drive it.

If you find that you live within close proximity to all the amenities in your 5km, then you mightn’t be driving your car at all. However, It’s a good idea to take your car for short spins regularly. Driving your car will let you know if your tyres are losing shape and air, it will also keep your battery running as it should. Additionally, it will prevent rodents from taking up residency in your exhaust pipe. Here’s how to prevent rodents from climbing into your car elements.

  1. Lay down cardboard beneath your car.

If you’re suspicious that your car is leaking, then you should lay down a flattened cardboard box under your car to track fluid loss. Some vehicle fluids can be hard to track if your car is parked on a dark surface. Oil is usually visible, but coolant and transmission fluid can be much harder to spot. The spots on cardboard will also allow you to pinpoint the exact spot from which the leak is coming from. We all have spare cardboard lying around so it’s worth the hassle!

At we want to ensure that you get the cover and at a reasonable price. Why not reach out to us today and let our brokers help you?






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