Is insuremycars.ie an insurance company?

Insuremycars.ie is managed by City Financial Marketing Group Ltd an insurance broker regulated by The Central Bank of Ireland. City Financial Marketing Group Ltd is also a member of the Irish Brokers Association and Insuremycars.ie specialises in getting those with more than one car the very best insurance price and policy.

How does insuremycars.ie quote the best value premiums?

Insuremycars.ie has teamed up with various insurers to offer you great discounts for having more than one car insured with the same insurer. We review each quote and the fact that the customer will be purchasing a greater number of policies means more business for the insurance company so we expect them to provide you with a greater discount.

What are the different types of car insurance cover available?

You may choose to buy Comprehensive Cover, Third Party Fire and Theft or Third Party only. Each policy holder in the house can choose which cover is best suited to them. You can have the cars insured with Comprehensive Cover or have one covered for Comprehensive and the other Third Party Fire and Theft. It is entirely up to you.

What is the difference between these types of car insurance cover?

Third Party Only - If you are unfortunate enough to be involved in an accident, the insurance company will insure you for claims made by third parties against you for personal injuries or property damage.

Third Party Fire and Theft will cover you for the above but will also insure you in the event your car is stolen or goes on fire.

Comprehensive Cover will cover you for the above but will also insure you for any damages to your own car.

Is windscreen cover included on my Comprehensive car insurance policy?

Most of our Comprehensive polices will automatically include windscreen cover up to a certain limit. We will notify you prior to cover if this has not been included on your policy. In some case we can add windscreen onto a Third Party Fire and Theft policy. We will provide you with the various options and you choose which suits you best. 

Can I buy my car insurance cover online?

At the moment, we don’t provide an online quotation system as the process of getting the best quote for multiple cars is quite complex. In order to get you the best available rates, one of our Multicar experts will go through each detail of your policy and this way we can get you the policy most suited to your needs.

What happens after I pay for my Multicar insurance?

We will send you a cover letter by post or email confirming receipt of payment and confirming that your cars are now insured and cover is in force. A proposal form will be attached to complete and return to Insuremycars.ie - You have seven days to return this form along with the requested supporting documents. 

What documents will I be asked to supply?

When you buy the policy, you will be asked to provide us with some documents. A cover letter will be issued to you asking you to return these documents to us. The documents we require vary from policy to policy. Details of the documents we require are set out below. Please note there may be additional documents not listed that we could request. The cover letter will list the documents that we will need from you.

Proposal Form
In most car insurance policies we will ask you to sign and return a proposal. Please check that all details on the proposal are correct. If any details are incorrect you should contact us immediately.

Drivers Licence
We require all policy holders to send us a copy of their drivers licence. It is important you send us a copy of both the front and back of your driver’s licence. We will also look for a copy of driver’s licences for any drivers named on the policy.

Proof of No Claims Bonus
If you have held previous car insurance in your own name we will look for evidence of the number of years no claims bonus you have earned. This “Certificate of No Claims Bonus” should have been issued to you with your renewal notice by your previous insurance. If you are cancelling a policy in the middle of the year you should ask for your most up to date No Claims Bonus to be sent to you.

Letter of Driving Experience
A letter of driving experience is normally where you have been named on another policy – for example you may be a named driver on your wife's/husband's/parent's/employer's policy. In these cases we look for the insurance company to issue you with a letter confirming the number of years you have been named and confirm any claims details you may have.

Proof of Second Policy
Because we are giving a Multicar discount we will require proof that there is a car or van in the family. Normally we request a copy of the other car/van certificate of insurance – please note we do not require the original but a copy or a scan emailed to us will suffice.

Gap in Cover Letter
Some insurance companies allow you a no claims discount even if your last policy expired prior to taking out the policy with Insuremycars.ie. In the case where there is a break between the policies we will require you to complete a 'gap in cover' letter. This letter asks you to confirm that you have had no accidents or claims since the expiry date of the last policy. Normally, the maximum period an insurer will allow a gap to be is 2 years.

Direct Debit Mandate
If you have chosen to pay your car insurance policy monthly we will set up a direct debit with the insurance company. In order to set the direct debit up, we will send you a direct debit form. The form must be completed and returned to our office, not to the insurers. Please send all direct debit mandates to: Insuremycars.ie, Insurance House, 62A Terenure Road North, Terenure, Dublin 6w, D6W CF54.

When do I receive my car insurance certificate and disc?

Once we have received the proposal form and all the requested documents, an annual certificate of insurance will be issued to you. 

I currently drive a van but would like to change to a car; can I transfer my no claims bonus?

Yes we can arrange to match the no claims bonus you have earned on your van and transfer this discount to the new car insurance policy.

How do I make amendments to my policy?

To make any changes whether permanent or temporary, you need to call our customer service team. Please call us on 01 231 9332.

What is my policy excess?

Each policy has different excess and this can depend on the type of car insured or the age of the drivers covered on the policy. Your policy schedule will give you the details of your policy excess.

What is a car insurance excess?

A car insurance excess is the amount you pay in the event of a claim where there is damage or loss to your car. For example, if your policy excess is €250.00 and you have an accident where the cost of repair is €2,000. The insurers in this case will pay you €2,000 less the €250 so the total you will receive is €1,750. You only pay an excess if it is your insurance company that has to pay the claim.

How do I cancel my insurance policy?

You can cancel your car insurance policy by sending your insurance certificate and disc, along with written confirmation to our offices, indicating that you wish to cancel your policy. Please check, prior to cancelling, the amount you are due to be refunded as some insurers may charge more for cancelling especially if the cancellation is within the first year.

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